Trending October 2023 # Legacy Of The Nataraja Temple Of Chidambaram # Suggested November 2023 # Top 14 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Legacy Of The Nataraja Temple Of Chidambaram # Suggested November 2023 # Top 14 Popular

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Nataraja Temple Chidambaram

Among India’s most significant Shiva temples is the Thillai Nataraja Temple, one of the five most sacred Shiva temples. Thillai Nataraja Temple is Lord Shiva’s temple, sometimes called the Chidambaram Temple or Nataraja Temple. The Chidambaram Nataraja Temple has a connection to a fascinating tale. At the Nataraja Temple in Chidambaram, here is a briefing.

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Legacy of the Temple

The temple has been famous for many years, but records of its former splendor date back to Hiranya Chakravarthi of Kashmir’s visit in the year 500 A.D. People say that just one dip in the Sivaganga thirtham pushkarini of the temple cured the king’s leprosy.

The four great Saiva acharyas, Manikkavachakar, Sundarar, Sambandar, and Appar, associate this sacred shrine with their respective paths of Charya, Yoga, Kriya, and Gnana, creating masterpieces that honor their paths. Thousands of devotees have attained nirvana at this kshetra; famous names include Tirunilakandanayanar, Nandanar, Vyagrapada, and Patanjali.

Kanaka Sabha is a golden hall next to the Chit Sabha. These two sabhas’ ceilings have gold plating. The Pancha Murtis (Vinayaka, Somaskandar, Subramanya Parvati, and Chandikeswara) and other festival pictures are present in the Deva Sabha; a large auditorium used to celebrate significant festivals. In the furthest prakaram, a 1,000-pillared hall contains the 103 by 58-meter Raja Sabha.


Interesting Facts Regarding Chidambaram’s Thillai Nataraja Temple

One can see Shiva engaging in “Ananda Tandava.”: Lord Shiva is typically shown as a “Linga,” the traditional and most prevalent form. However, the highlight of this temple is that Shiva is dancing and engaging in “Ananda Tandava,” which is Sanskrit, meaning “dance of ecstasy.”

Shiva and Vishnu offered joint prayers: The fact that Chidambaram Temple is one of the uncommon temples dedicated to both Shaivite and Vaishnavite deities makes this even more remarkable. Here, people offer adoration to Lord Govindaraja Perumal.

Glorious past: The old temple, synonymous with rich history, saw numerous modifications during the rule of different dynasties, including the Pallavas, Cholas, Pandyas, and Cheras, and what now stands tall is the construction from the 12th to the 13th century. It truly is a masterpiece of architecture!

Made on Shiva’s dedication: The Thillai Nataraja Temple, consecrated to Lord Shiva, is a well-liked pilgrimage site in southern India since it holds such great religious significance for Shaivas.

Breathtaking architecture: Four of the nine gates on the enormous temple’s structure are “gopurams,” or towers with incredibly detailed and elaborate decorations. The Raja Sabha, or the hall with 1000 pillars, is one of the temple’s five magnificent halls and is one of its most beautiful features. “Gopuram darisanam Kodi punyam”, which translates to “seeing a temple tower is worth 10 million pious actions,” is a frequent proverb in Tamil.

Nataraja Temple of Chidambaram

The Chidambaram Nataraja Temple holds an intriguing legend and historical significance as a Shiva Shrine. The historical work known as the Chidambara-mahatma contains a similar tale.

The sages were upset by this behavior, so they attempted to frighten Lord Shiva away in various ways but were unsuccessful. Eventually, they concluded that Lord Shiva was the truth, and they submitted.

How to Reach the Temple?

Tourists from Pondicherry and Chennai frequently visit the Chidambaram Nataraja Temple. You can travel to Trichy by train using the route Chennai-Villupuram-Vridhachalam-Trichy after arriving in Chennai. You can also take paid flights from Pondicherry to Chidambaram when traveling via Airways.

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