Trending October 2023 # Learn How To Create Gif Effect In Photoshop? # Suggested November 2023 # Top 12 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Learn How To Create Gif Effect In Photoshop? # Suggested November 2023 # Top 12 Popular

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Introduction to Photoshop GIF Effect

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format that means an image file (has image file extension or format) which gives you the effect of a video file (when you open it, then it has some motion effect). It was developed by CompuServe in 1987, an American computer scientist. In Photoshop, we can create it by using some properties of the image as well as a video clip on the Timeline tab. By making a GIF effect in Photoshop, you can create magic on any image without changing its file extension. So what do you think? Are you ready for creating this magic? I think yes, so let us start.

How to create GIF Effect in Photoshop?

Creating GIF is a very exciting and amazing feature in Photoshop, and today we will analyze all aspects of this feature for going through this topic properly.

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Your image will open on a new tab; adjust its size as per your choice.

Now I want to place one video clip in our work. So again, go to the open option and this time, choose a video clip file from the opened dialog box, then hit on the Open button.

Wow! This is a waterfall video clip. Let us play with it for making our GIF. This video clip will open with the Timeline section, which is at the bottom of this document tab.

Make a copy of this video clip. Select this layer in the layer panel and press the Ctrl + J button for making a copy.

Move the copy layer to the right side of the waterfall for increasing the density of the waterfall.

Rename this video clip as Waterfall.

Now drag this clip to the GIF Image tab with the help of the mouse left button.

It will place here like this. Press Ctrl + t button for the transform box and adjust the size of this waterfall clip as per your choice. I will set it like this.

Decrease the length of the video clip up to the length of the image layer by dragging it, or you can increase the image layer length also.

Take the Brush tool from the tool panel, adjust its size and take the soft brush.

Set black color as the foreground color.

Select the mask thumbnail icon of this layer and remove sharp edges of the upper portion of the waterfall with the brush tool.

Do the same with the brush tool at the bottom of the waterfall.

Now add a layer mask to the image layer also and set brush size.

Decrease the opacity of the brush tool to 10%.

I think we should make a copy of this video clip for an effective look at the waterfall. So select the waterfall layer, then press Ctrl + J button and drag the copied layer to the right of the first layer. Adjust this copied layer length in the timeline section.

You can also add an audio track to your GIF from this option.

It will take some time for processing the preview of the GIF on this dialog box. The time of processing depends on the Ram speed of your computer system. So if you try it the first time, I will suggest you take the size of the image a little bit less for the fast result if your computer Ram is slow.

Choose GIF format on this list.

You choose a color range from this option. If you take the highest value of the color range, your image has a good quality of color, but it may make your file size heavy. You can choose 64 values that make a little bit change in the color quality of your image gif file size is more than 5mb.

Set 3 as the value of the Lossy option, which helps in the compression of the GIF file.

Choose the Forever option in Looping Options so that once you play this video, it will automatically repeat its frame for giving a GIF effect.

You can change the size of your image here also. I will set it at 50% size.

On the web page, you can see its preview with file size and other details.

If you are ok with it, then hit on the Save button and choose the location and name for your GIF file.

Now you can check it by playing it


How was your experience with learning this topic with us? I think it was very good, and now you have great knowledge about the GIF effect of Photoshop. After this article, I am sure you can easily handle the parameter of creating the GIF effect in this software.

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