Trending October 2023 # How To Insert A Pdf File Into A Word Document # Suggested November 2023 # Top 19 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # How To Insert A Pdf File Into A Word Document # Suggested November 2023 # Top 19 Popular

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Since 1983 when it was first developed, Microsoft Word has evolved significantly. Not just in the number of versions but also in how much you can do with it. Granted, there are several free word processors that are great alternatives to Word, but it still remains the most popular of them all.

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There are several different ways you can go about importing a PDF to Word, and we’re going to show you a few so you can choose the one that’s best suited to your situation.

Note: The steps below apply to Word 2010, 2013, 2023, 2023, and Word for Office 365. Also, be sure to check out our short YouTube video in case you prefer to watch rather than read. Also, subscribe to our channel!

Insert PDF To Word Methods

Use Insert Object tool.

Insert PDF as a static image.

Use a PDF converter to insert PDF to Word as an image.

Insert text from a PDF file to Word.

Insert PDF to Word as a Linked Object.

Copy the PDF file into Word.

Use the full version of Adobe.

Insert PDF to Word using a Mac.

Use Google Docs.

Use Insert Object Tool

You can insert your PDF file into a Word document by embedding it as an object. This way, the first page of the PDF appears in the document and becomes part of it once inserted.

If you make any changes to the PDF document, they won’t reflect on the Word document because the PDF is not connected to the source file anymore. You can reposition, resize, recolor or attach a border, and control text wrapping around the object though.

Note: You cannot embed a password-protected PDF file into Word. If you try, Word will notify you that the file is protected, and you have to remove the password protection before embedding the file.

Insert PDF As a Static Image

With this method, you can convert the PDF document into a static image and then insert into your Word document. The difference is that it’s not editable and any changes made to the PDF source file won’t be reflected on the Word document thereafter.

You’ll need a tool that can convert your PDF file to JPG format. If it’s one page, however, you can capture its contents using the built-in Windows Snipping tool or an alternative like SnagIt, and then save as a JPG file in a location you can find and insert into Word easily.

This works best for older versions of Word, which may not have the Insert PDF feature.

Use a PDF Converter To Insert a PDF To Word As An Image

There are several good and free online PDF converters you can use to convert your file into images, and insert them into your Word document. Pick one that supports your preferred image file format like JPG or PNG. For this, we’ll use SmallPDF, but you can choose one that you like.

Open the PDF converter program online, and select PDF to JPG.

Insert Text From a PDF File To Word

You can also import a portion of text from the PDF file using the Insert Object tool, and drop it into the Word document. However, this will only insert the text without the original formatting or graphics (if any) from the PDF file, so it won’t look exactly the same.

Once the PDF is converted to text, it’ll appear in your Word document.

You can also open your PDF file with Word 2013 or 2023, which converts it to editable text that you can then copy and paste into your Word document. 

The PDF Reflow feature in Word 2013 and 2023 pulls content from the PDF and flows it into a .docx file while preserving the layout information as much as possible. For a better conversion though, you can open the PDF in Acrobat and export it to a Word document.

Insert PDF To Word As a Linked Object

A linked object in this case means the full PDF file will be inserted, but it’ll only appear as the first page of the document, and linked to the source file.

You can choose to have it displayed as an icon instead of the file preview. Either way, you can open the file when you select the icon or preview. Any changes you make to the original PDF file will be reflected in the Word document.

Copy The PDF File Into Word

This is a simpler method to inserting text from the PDF file into your Word document. However, it doesn’t copy any graphics or text formatting from the original file so they won’t look the same.

We’re going to describe the steps to take if you’re using Adobe Acrobat Reader, but you can use your default PDF reader app too, though the steps may be slightly different.

You can convert your PDF to Word using Adobe Acrobat DC if you want to place the contents in a separate Word document instead of inserting the PDF into Word.

Use The Full Version Of Adobe

You can import a PDF to Word and bypass all of the other steps mentioned above if you have the full version of Adobe. The program has a built-in converter you can use to import your PDF file and convert it into Word. 

The converted document is of a higher quality and has better formatting than the usual PDF to Word conversion from Word 2013 and 2023.

This method is also more secure for your documents compared to using an online PDF converter, especially if they’re sensitive in nature. The downside with this method is the price of Adobe Acrobat, which may not be suitable for every user.

Insert PDF To Word Using a Mac

If you’re using a Mac, the steps to insert a PDF file into Word are relatively similar, but with a few slight differences.

Differences Between Windows & Mac When Inserting PDF To Word Using Google Docs

You can also insert a PDF file into Word using Google Docs. 

The downside with this method is that it doesn’t apply the same formatting as in the original PDF file. Plus, it’s a bit slow when inserting the document, has file size limits, and you have to combine your Word document after opening the PDF in Docs. 

Can I Use Word Online To Insert a PDF file Into a Word document?

It’s not possible to insert a PDF file in Word Online. However, you can edit the PDF in Word Online, update its content, or copy from PDF and paste it into a Word document offline.

Note: When you open a PDF in Word Online, it’ll be converted into a Word document without some elements of the original formatting. For instance, line and page breaks may appear in different spots. This conversion is best for PDFs that mostly have text.

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