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Trending September 2023 # How To Debug In Selenium # Suggested October 2023 # Top 13 Popular

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Breakpoints in Selenium

Breakpoints in Selenium are used to check the execution of your code. Whenever you implement a breakpoint in your code, the execution will stop right there. This helps you to verify that your code is working as expected. Breakpoints in Selenium helps in debugging. Breakpoints are usually shown in the UI along with the source code.

In this tutorial, you will learn-

Methods to Implement Breakpoints in Selenium

There are two methods to set breakpoints in Selenium WebDriver:

In the first method,

You can set a breakpoint just before the Test Case you want to examine.

Repeat the same step to deselect the Breakpoint.

In the second method,

How to Implement Breakpoints in Selenium First Method

Navigate to the record button marked in the red box as shown in the screenshot below

Step 4) Toggle the Breakpoint

Under the “Command” column select the ‘Toggle Breakpoint’. You can also use the shortcut key “B” from the keyboard.

It indicates two things,

A Test Script can have multiple breakpoints which can be set in the same manner as shown above.

Second Method

Step 1) Follow the above steps 1, 2 & 3 mentioned in the First method.

Step 2) In this step,

This is all about the breakpoints in Selenium.

Start Point in Selenium

In Selenium, Start Point indicates the point from where the execution should begin. Start Point can be used when you want to run the testscript from the middle of the code or a breakpoint.

To understand this, let us take an example of the login scenario. Suppose, if you have to login into the website and perform series of tests and then try to debug one of those tests.

In this case, you have to login once and then re-run your tests as you are developing them. You can set the Start Points after login function. So everytime you perform a new test it will begin executing after the login function.

Methods to set Start Point in Selenium

Start Point can be selected by two methods:

How to Set Start Point in Selenium

Let see the first method with an example:

First Method

Step 1) Launch Firefox and Selenium IDE.

the screen shot below).

Step 4) In this step,

Now select the option ‘Set/Clear Start Point ‘. You can also use the short key “S” from the keyboard to select the same Set/Clear Start Point .

This triangle symbol indicates that the test case starts at this point. So

Note: There can only be one Start Point in a single test script. Also, Start Point is dependent on the currently displayed page. The execution will fail if the user is on the wrong page.

Second Method

Follow the above steps 1, 2 & 3 mentioned in previous (First) method.

Next, follow the following steps,


Breakpoints and Start Point feature help in the debugging process. It helps to start or pause any given test at a particular point of instance. This helps to observe the behavior of the test script.

In a single test script, there can only be one Start Point as compared to many Breakpoints.

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